Are We Free?

Amidst the pitch-dark atmosphere, I saw a bright light flickering behind a small stain-glass window. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life; I had to fly towards it. As I got closer to the bright beacon, I noticed that the window was open wide enough that my tiny body could squeeze through.

Once I was inside, I felt a brush of warm breeze hit me as I flew around the bathroom in excitement. I felt free, infinite, and independent. Nothing like I have ever felt before. This was, however, before I saw one of my friends sitting on the windowsill, his eyes closed, sound asleep. I couldn’t believe he was here! Of all the random houses I’ve flown into.

“George! George!” I flew down towards him, but as I shouted his name, his motionless body did not respond. I pushed him to get his attention, but his wings just flopped to one side. He’s dead? How could this happen? I began to panic. Something was not right. What kind of a place is this?

I had no time to escape as I heard footsteps running up the stairs, through the hallway, then the bathroom door opened. It was a Human. She turned on the tap to wash her hands, her eyes glaring at me through the widely spread mirror in front of her. It felt as though she stood there for ten minutes. I didn’t move. I was terrified.

It was as if I had flown in here blindly, without preparing myself in case something happened. I wish I had now.

I began to fly towards the window, to get out of there. The Human flinched. Why is she flinching? She is a hundred times bigger than I am, she could squish me with one thumb! The fear rushed through me, giving me the energy to fly, but it was too much for me and I couldn’t see where I was going. I suddenly lost sight of where I was in the room. I couldn’t find the window.

I flew around and around the room aimlessly looking for a way out, completely unaware that the Human was ready to kill me now. Luckily my speed was too fast for her, but I was panicking. A million questions began circling my mind.

I had already landed on the window but the many questions were circling so fast that I slipped off the window next to George’s body. I got back up again, eager to make an escape but the Human was fast approaching me.

The next move I made was bold, fierce and risky. I flew straight towards the Human’s face, flapping my wings wildly enough that the Human dodged me, so I made it out of the bathroom with a huge grin on my face.

I made it. I had escaped the deadly room and was now soaring freely around the landing area. Nothing could stop me now. I had triumphed over the Human. I took a big risk and it paid off.

I decided to take a long overdue nap, perched on the wall of the stairs. I didn’t see it coming. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to process my quick, painful death.

The Human’s shadow loomed over me, holding a towel she used to swat me with. As I closed my eyes I noticed parts of my body and blood stained on the towel, which then caused the human to say:

“Oh my God! My towel is completely stained! Dammit!” Well that’s nice. It’s good to know my life is completely worthless.

As I was dying I realised I had left the house like I entered it, feeling free and infinite, like there is no ending. All this has left me is death. It has led me onto a dark path. As I lay there dying, I thought about my short but fruitful life. At least I lived.

I slowly shut my eyes and that was it. My life ended, just like the day did. All I can say is there is now either a temporary or permanent stain left on that towel, which means that I’m dead, but my spirit will live on forever. I didn’t die in vain.

I can now reunite with my best friend George. I guess happy endings don’t necessarily only exist when you are alive.


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