Losing Myself

Let’s go back in time,
Let’s just sit around,
Figure out what it was that made us fall out of love.
But I’m still in love!
One foot in, one foot out of this shaky relationship…

I’m losing myself for the first time.
I’m trying to figure out what it was that made it so hard to breathe,
So hard to see the truth.
The truth is that I’m still in love with you.
The other truth is that you are not.

What was it that made us not ‘us’ anymore?
Was it my strong desire to be close to you?
Was it my weak attempt at holding it all together through our tough times?
Nobody’s perfect.
I’m not.
You certainly aren’t.
But that shouldn’t stop us from living happily ever after.
It’s possible.

Do you remember the good times?
Times when the sun was shining? Birds were singing?
Our relationship was great once.
Why did you have to wipe it out?
Why can’t you give us another go?
I just wish I could turn back the clock.

Maybe one day I will learn to let you go.


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