Are we human… or are we robots?

Fireballs are now called Fireblast...
Fireballs are now called Fireblast…
Ahhh memories!
Ahhh memories!
We had so much trust in this little creature. No child from the noughties would ever believe that a toy could reproduce...
We had so much trust in this little creature. No child from the noughties would ever believe that a toy could reproduce…


It’s a question we should all ask ourselves every now and again, whereas, it’s no question that we are living in an anti-sociable generation. In fact, it is because of ‘social’ networks such as Facebook or Instagram that we have no social life at all! Now isn’t that ironic?


Every now and then, I bring down a big box from the attic filled with photo albums of me and my family and friends, and just take pleasure in laughing at how stupid I used to look as a child. Most of the time, I share these special moments with the rest of my family and it gives us an opportunity to reflect on how much has changed and who we have all grown into. But recently there have been posts of my friends who have recently become mothers, and when their children were born, they post pictures of them on Facebook, hugging them and beaming with pride. Now just to stress… I have absolutely nothing against this! I am simply pointing out that unlike our generation, children of the future will no longer have the luxury of privately opening up a photo album when they are older. They will have all of their photos displayed by their mothers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and maybe new undiscovered social networking sites. Just like children of celebrities, their lives will be public. It’s inevitable. Technology is taking over our day-to-day lives and we can’t stop it. It’s bigger than all of us. My dad has a Facebook profile (although he never uses it as he doesn’t understand it) anyone I know would never add their parents because they would be embarrassed by them. In the future, it will be the parents who will be introducing their children to websites like this. I find that very very weird… don’t you?


Some of you may find this ‘robot’ theory unrealistic and exaggerated, but when almost every activity (including just socialising with each other) involves a gadget, proves that we all depend on technology to survive and live our lives.


When asked: “If you were to travel to a desert island and you could only take one object with you, what item would you take?” How many of you would say food and how many of you would rather take your phone or laptop because you “just can’t live without it”? I’m no exception from this, although, I am 22 years old, so my whole childhood was spent being an innocent child. I didn’t know what an Ipad was. Before I was seventeen, I never knew social networks existed. As a matter of fact, I remember my very first phone… it was basically a small sized brick, with a black and white screen. The most fun I had on that phone was playing games like Tetris or dancing to my ringtones. Yes I was a sad and deprived child… but look at me now! I survived!

I have recently finished my third year at University, so for the last week I chose to spend it reliving my childhood; buying almost ALL of the sweets that I used to love back in the day such as Fireballs (remember them??!! They were like cinnamon flavoured red balls that used to burn your tongue!!); buying a few toys I used to buy as a kid like the rubber Aliens in egg-shaped boxes (remember? There was a time when we thought we could reproduce them by rubbing their backs – something like that would not fool a child of 2014) and revisiting bouncy castles…

If you’re ever in an emotional ‘oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-I-have-to-grow-up’ state, which I was in for the last three months of University, you need to be a child again to get it out of your system! It worked for me, so I’m sure it will work for you.


Unfortunately, children of today will not reminisce about stupid activities they used to do when they enter adult world. They will be reminiscing of a world where there were Ipads, Iphones, Justin Bieber. Sometimes I feel sorry for them.


Remember Furbys?? Well, I was at my Uncle’s house looking after my 11-year-old cousins, when they took me to their room to have a look at all of their ‘toys’ (one of which was an Ipad – surprise, surprise!). They got out their Furbys and you wouldn’t believe their alterations! Not only were their eyes LCD screens (not the googly eyes they used to have) but their new phrases were ‘YOLO’, ‘LOL’ – not to mention their ghattitude (Ghetto attitudee) like ‘guuurrll’ or ‘guuurlfrieeend’… I laughed nervously but was actually crying inside… why are my cousins exposed to this new model? What was wrong with the googly eyed original one that could speak proper English?


The downside of fast growth in technology is the fast growth of young teenagers! You’re Only Young Once! (get it? ‘Yoyo’ – it used to be a craze back in the day). Being naive and innocent as a child is just as important as growing up because it’s a part of growing up. We all should make mistakes and learn from them. The best time to make those mistakes is while you are still a kid! And by mistakes, I don’t mean having sex, getting pregnant, or taking drugs! I mean mistakes like eating way too much junk food and watching way too many cartoons! I mean, slow down! You have plenty of time to be responsible and mature, so grab hold of your childhood and hold on to it while you can. Unlike a Boomerang, it does not come back!


If you’re still not convinced maybe singing about it in the tune of Human by the Killers will do the trick…

Verse 1
Remember Tamagotchis and collecting Pokemon cards;
We had a Yoyo craze for years and communicating wasn’t that hard.
So long to sleepovers; it was our version of getting pissed,
The phrase ‘you’re not invited to my house’ will be missed…

Are we human? Or are we robots?
The signs are showing,
The proof is there!
We are constantly trying to act older!
Let’s all stay young ‘coz nothing lasts forever!

Verse 3
Can our Furbys stay the same?
With their googly eyes and furry frame.
We didn’t use to have USBs, they were Floppy disks, get with the times, pleaaase!

Are we human? Or are we robots?
The signs are showing,
The proof is there!
We are constantly trying to act older!
Let’s all stay young ‘coz nothing lasts forever!

Lets all stay young ‘coz nothing lasts forever!

Just a thought…


2 thoughts on “Are we human… or are we robots?

  1. This is really good, I like the link between with the song and the blog. It is true, technology is our life and future generation will be more dependant on it then us, it is inevitable. It can argued due to globalization our culture revolves around technology but it is still up to parents to maintain so sense of innocence and privacy in their children until it is time to let it go and allow them freedom into the world; love it!!

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