Who do you look up to?


He may have heels and hair gelled to perfection… but this guy can still kick ass!

Do you look up to the ones who challenge you?
Challenge you with activities you’re not used to?

Do you listen to those who bully you, pressurise you, tease you?
Do they make you feel small?

Or does your higher authority stand up for others?
Others who aren’t strong enough to stand up for themselves?

You do know that bullies aren’t strong.
They are weak.

Only the weak prey on the vulnerable.
Stand up, be strong, say no, don’t play into their hands or they will win.

It isn’t you who is weak unless you show it by giving in.

You challenge them by doing what you want to do.
Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing they can push you around.
You’re better than that!
You’re better than you may think.
There are people in your life that will back me up on this.

My higher authorities are my family and friends… those that stick by me through everything!
Don’t give up… think and reflect…

Just a thought…


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