About Time: “Live in the Moment”

clockDuring the summer holidays I watched the film ‘About Time’ at the Odeon. I can’t begin to explain how amazing it was! It was like watching a film reflecting on my life.

That’s the sad thing about reality… there’s no going back! I wish I was a Time Traveler in the sense that I could go back and fix what was needed. I could have gone back in time to meet someone in another way? Or gone back to re-do what I’ve already done, but in a better way? Or maybe just to avoid ever meeting that one person that made my life a living hell? Either way it would be an amazing gift. But sadly there’s no such thing… yet. Who knows? maybe there will be such thing in the foreseeable future! But for now I’ve learnt to savour every minute moment of my life, just in case I may never go back there again. As cliche as it sounds, I do believe things happen for a reason! You may not know it at the time, but years on you’ll look back and think “Ohhh so that’s why I fell in love with the wrong man/woman” “Ohhh so that’s why I ran over that cat”. It never makes sense at the time.

‘About Time’ is probably one of my favourite movies of this year – no wait – it is my favourite movie of 2013. It triggered so many different emotions in me; happiness, tears, sadness, laughter, love. The fact that Rachel McAdams was in it, was enough for me to go watch it. There isn’t a single movie she starred in that I did not like. So this had to be good, right? I couldn’t have been more right! If you haven’t seen it yet… well, you just have to!!

The leading male in the film, Domnhall Gleeson, was just hilarious! Typical British humour! His awkward portrayal of his character was to die for! His character just had so many dimensions, it was like he was playing more than just one role!

Don’t even get me started on Bill Nighy! I could literally watch and listen to that man forever! He had me cracking up the entire film! The casting was just unbelievable! They all fit together perfectly!

Those of you who are fans of Love Actually, will definitely see a resemblance in the humour. Well you should since they were both written and directed by the same guy, Richard Curtis. He’s a pure genius…

If one of you don’t like it, I will eat one of my hats and post it on here… so please like it 😉


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