Can the Harry Potter novels be true?

harry potter glasses and a brainI’ve always wondered if the movie Harry Potter could be true, if there is another world that we don’t know about with the same principles as the popular franchise.

It has been known among Harry Potter fans that JK Rowling has based her fiction novel on her views on political problems we are currently facing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that there is a ‘Voldemort’ or a ‘Dumbledore’ or even a ‘Harry Potter’, but the events that go on in these books result from her versions of the government of the wizarding world, which come from her views of our government. With that being said, I believe she is trying to send out an important message to us all.

For instance, in her fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry  announces to his peers, teachers and even the Ministry of Magic, (their government), that he faced Voldemort and he was very much alive. The whole book was written in a way that described JK Rowling’s views on how the public and our government can be blind to the truth as long as they have their own pretty picture of what their country should look like to them. Even if the public are in danger. It paints the idea that all of us can be deceived by denial, that we all insist on following a greater being, even if we have doubts.

Are we being brainwashed? Are we in denial? If this is the case, we are missing opportunities to fix something that is repairable. What we don’t realise is, there can be permanent damage if the problem is neglected for too long.

What I am trying to say is, with every fantasy novel or programme, comes a deeper meaning we all must try to recognise. The way JK Rowling has displayed her concerns and views is smart and sneaky. She knows not all young people will take time off to read a newspaper or watch the news on TV. They will pick up a novel about witches and wizards, muggles and pure bloods, because that is their interest and with that comes insight into her mind. In my opinion, she has begun a new style of living that could change our attitude to important issues we are facing.

Just a thought…


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