Goodbye may seem forever…

I think it’s safe to say your first thought when you read the title was Fox and the Hound. That scene brought floods of tears to my eyes because that was the year I was about to leave for university, my sister and I were singing it together and couldn’t finish it.

You may think this quote is dramatic, but it many ways it’s the truth, and that’s what hurts us the most when someone says it. I haven’t really had a proper relationship, so some of you may not trust my judgement, but isn’t the most heartbreaking moment between a couple splitting up, when they share a ‘goodbye kiss’? Some may even say the actual word goodbye. Because the fact that they had the courage to say it means there is no going back. It becomes too difficult to comprehend and harder to find closure in a relationship if only one of them can let go.

Letting go is a mental state in which you break up from the heart, speaking about it is not necessary in this case. So in this situation, yes, goodbye does seem forever.

But what about letting go of a relative or friend who may never come back? What if they are taken away from you by force? I remember I used to have a best friend back in primary school. She was fun, sporty, so full of life. She would walk into a room and fill the place with energy and excitement. She was beautiful, confident and funny… I mean what more could you ask for in a friend? The funny thing is that I only knew her for one year. Life is funny like that, you could know someone for 5 years or 10 years, but time makes no difference. In the end it’s the connection you have with a person that keeps your friendship alive.

Unfortunately the word ‘goodbye’ is overused, and when something is used over and over again, the meaning is lost. It’s times like these when we should reflect on what the word really means. How powerful it can affect us when used properly. Recently all I’ve been hearing are goodbyes; children killed, ill people, injured people involved in war.

One day we will forget this word and the meaning of life will be lost too. Is that really what we want?

Just something to think about…


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