Shattered Heart



Seeing you two together,

I can’t describe the pain.

Watching you hug her closer,

My heart’s ripped up again.


I can’t stand the thought of my life without you,

It’s like learning to fly but your feathers are torn.

You set off to fly, but you’re dragged to the ground again,

Your self-esteem taken by the one you love.


The meaning of life means nothing without your love

The meaning of love means nothing at all to you

You look into my eyes; it’s like love at first sight again

But then

You turn around

And I am broken up in two.


I used to think true love,

Would last forever.

I guess I was just naïve,

And I still love you now more than ever.


I’m lonelier now, than I felt before you,

I’ve never felt anger, sadness and pain.

I now realise, you were not the one,

But that doesn’t stop my heart from breaking again.


You’ve stolen my happiness,

You’ve stolen my heart.

But that doesn’t compare to the way,

You’ve ripped my heart apart.


I will get over you,

At least I’ll try.

I’ll find my new wings,

To gain confidence to fly.


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