Dear C …

You’re heartless and cruelSadFace

Unreasonable, unfair

You have no natural feeling of others

The minute you intrude a helpless body,

You suck out all the life that person had.

You don’t stop there. oh no.

You continue to rome around

Infecting every organ in sight

Until they can no longer feel.

Even when they catch you and get rid of you,

That doesn’t stop you either.

You wait until they feel safe and secure, then you appear and destroy them all over again.

You don’t just cancel out their present life, you cancel out their past and future.

Life would be a place of security and positivity without you casting a shadow over us all.

No one understands what that person is going through once you invade their life,

But everyone around them wants to be supportive in any way.

Why do you take pleasure in latching onto peoples’ souls?

Why do you think it’s alright to reappear once everything seems to be alright?

I have lost someone very close to my heart because of you,

And I won’t rest until you are taken care of for good!


“Cure the symptoms, cure the disease.” ~ Michael Critchton


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